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Participation over Generations

|    Personal project    |    7 weeks    |

This project was done in collaboration with the Småland furniture company STOLAB.  The task was to develop a new product with inspiration from the theme “Participation over generations”. The result was MOMO, a kitchen sofa whose form is a tribute to Småland.

Liten ritning




The Name

The sofas name “Momo” comes from the word Grandma with Småland dialect because of the tribute to the Småland people and the ageing human in consideration.

The Design

Through a clear frame and straight front legs, the sofa expresses reliability. The strong sofa back symbolizes the strong backs of people that sustained Småland during times of struggle. 

The curves that link the armrests with the back legs give a more natural feel to the furniture and are inspired by levers used by the Småland farmers to remove stones from their cultivated fields.

Portfolio_Ami Olin Nordenmarker_2020 big


A tribute to Småland 

The company STOLAB has a strong relationship with the Småland identity. The place where the company has been operating for over 100 years. The idea was to strengthen the brand by making a piece of furniture that would become a tribute to this place and the people who helped shape the Småland identity.

Resa sig


The sofa offers high comfort with an additional padding. 

The armrests not only provide a more comfortable position for the arms

while sitting, but also offer a good grip when rising up from the sofa.



The padding and the curved sides of the backrest give you a feeling

of being embraced and invite the user to rest, both in a home environment

as well as in a public space. The sofa is also designed to fit well together
with other STOLAB furniture.



The sofa is sturdy and has an elegant design to fit in a variety of public environments

such as waiting rooms, restaurants or cafes. The space between the backrest and the seat

facilitates cleaning as dirt doesn't get trapt between the backrest and the seat.



The sofa is designed to look good from all angles, to fit in free-standing

sofa groups, such as lobbies. The sides of the sofa are diagonal to fit each other
to save floor space when the sofas are standing in line.

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