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Portfolio - IKEA till nätet28

Improving an everyday work tool for facility

cleaning and maintenance staff

|    Personal project    |    5 weeks    |

For this project, the target group was facility cleaning and maintenance staff at Umeå University. The focus of the project was ergonomic design, mainly on the ergonomi of the hand and arm. Equally important in the project was brand management and relating brand values to form and expression. My given tool brand was the Japanese brand Olfa and the tool to develop was a scraper.

Research and analysis

of the scraper they use now


Portfolio_Ami Olin Nordenmarker_2020 big

OLFA brand design language analysis 

Portfolio_Ami Olin Nordenmarker_2020 big

The form and details

Scraper pics_Page_1

Folding up 

Scraper pics_Page_2

Storage for new and old blades

Scraper askar

Bigger contact surface
A more comfortable, safe and controlled grip

Portfolio - IKEA till nätet28
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