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Cottage poster small-compressed


|    Personal project    |    2 weeks    |

Illustrations with elements from the company Mizettos furnitures, a company that specializes in furniture for companies and office spaces. The main idea was to capture the human parts of a work day, both by showing its ups and downs and to use the Mizetto furnitures as the backdrop on which all this happens. The feel, style and color scheme was made to complimenting the company’s stand at Stockholm’s Light and Furniture Fair 2019. The illustrations is published in Mizetto’s catalogue 2019 and 2020. 

The project was made within my internship at ADDI Design Studio and the furnitures that the illustrations are based on, is designed by
ADDI Design Studio.




Magisk dryck 01 copy smaller
Illu Evolution 13
Exhibit 10
katalog frame

Additional Illustrations Composition inspiration 

Illustrationer print_Page_4
Illustrationer print_Page_6
Illustrationer print_Page_2
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