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I designed this bar stool within the Bee Bar Goes Eco project. The project was to develop a new interior where ecological and ethical sustainability was central. When I designed the bar stool, I began to search for material that, in one way or another, is beneficial from an environmental perspective. These materials further inspired me in my design. I wanted the bar stool to go well with the rest of the interior so I looked for inspiration in factory chairs from the early 1900s to develop my design. The design of these chairs attracts me because I find them genuine and beautiful in a robust way. I like them also because I consider them reliable to use, something I consider as rare quality among bar stools. 





Bee Bar Slutpresentation-30.jpg
36 skisser samlade
Bee Bar Slutpresentation-32.jpg
Bee Bar Slutpresentation-33.jpg
BeeBar Lounge
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